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Jillian Michaels says she can 'slow aging' by eating healthy and exercising no more than 2 hours a w

We can "slow aging" by eating healthy and working out, according to the personal trainer Jillian Michaels.

The "Biggest Loser" trainer, 47, told the Daily Star over the weekend that while following a nutritious diet and keeping active can bring about health benefits, nailing the two is the key to staying young.

Michaels used a car analogy: If you're eating well but not working out, or vice versa, you're in "neutral — not rapidly accelerating our chance of disease, but not aggressively slowing aging and working to prevent disease either."

When you do both simultaneously, you're in "drive," or "actively getting/staying healthy," she said.

"When you aren't doing either of those things then you are absolutely putting yourself at a far greater risk for illness and dramatically reduced life span — not to mention an overall diminished quality of life," Michaels said.

There's more to preventing aging than diet and exercise

Research backs up Michaels' emphasis on keeping active. Studies suggest you can protect your mind and body from the physical effects of aging by exercising regularly and in diverse ways.

"Aging is inevitable, but Jillian is right that there are ways to mitigate the effects of aging, and eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are certainly two things that help," Dr. Noelle Reid, a family-medicine physician and specialist in aging, told Insider.

"These can provide a good foundation for aging, but other factors are at play as well, such as limiting stress, getting enough sleep, maintaining social connections, and taking care of your cells," Reid said.

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