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IV Nutrient Therapy



What is IV Therapy?

Did you know that we only absorb about 20% of the nutrients from oral supplementation? IV Vitamin Therapy works by administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This provides increased cell absorption and 100% bioavailability of vitamins via IV infusion. Research shows that vitamins and fluids given intravenously are significantly more powerful and effective, giving patients an instant boost of health and wellness.

Healthcare today magnifies the eradication of disease rather than exploring the root cause of why disease exists in the first place. Wellness Infusions curated by Dr. Raquel are real-time, immediate infusions that address the root cause of imbalance and provide immediate benefits to the patient of today.

IV Nutrient Therapy will be administered by Dr. Raquel Hammonds and will be an exciting new addition to Trinity Health & Wellness Medical group when operations commence at our brand new location in Culver City! Stay tuned for more details!!!

Trinity IV Therapy Services

Trinity Wellness Infusion

Packed with B-complex vitamins and essential amino acids to increase energy levels, improve metabolism, aid in fat burning, and decrease muscle loss.

Trinity Immunity Infusion

Includes Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C), B complex, and Zinc, all to boost immunity and energy levels, reduce the duration of illness, prevent illness, and rev up the healing process.

Trinity Beauty Infusion

Includes Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), B complex, and Biotin, which may aid in improving collagen production, promote the health of hair, skin and nails, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne and tired skin.

Single SHOTS

Trinity Revive (B12, Methylcobalamin)
Weight Loss Booster ( Bcomplex, amino acids)
Trinity Shine (Vitamin D + Vitamin C Booster)

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